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Livestock Services

The livestock industry has seen some major changes in the last 10 years with dwindling numbers of small family operations. Our practice focus has also made dramatic changes to be able to stay profitable and continue to grow. With our focus being much more on companion animal services, the amount of livestock work we do has dramatically decreased. However, Lake View Veterinary Services still provides a limited amount of large animal care to local cow/calf and dairy producers. We have a complete haul-in facility that includes a silencer hydraulic chute for routine cattle work at the clinic. We also have a portable hydraulic cattle chute that we can take to the farm when required. We have a portable ultrasound that can be used for early pregnancy diagnosis and reproductive health assessment in cattle. 
In addition, we have a hospital ward dedicated to the treatment of scour calves and a plasma bank used to treat calves for failure of passive transfer (calves that did not get enough colostrum). We have specialized equipment to test calves for this condition and the plasma needed to successfully treat them. 

The veterinarians here at Lake View Veterinary Services all have deep roots in livestock care and production. They enjoy livestock and the people that raise them. Anyone raised around cows understands that this is a condition that has no cure, and we plan to continue offering at least a limited amount of large animal work. 

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