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Equine Services

At the beginning of Dr. Bettin's career as a veterinarian, he did an extensive amount of equine medicine and surgery due to the high demand for it. However, in 2005 the horse industry faced a detrimental set back with the loss of the slaughter market. This caused the value of the average horse to dramatically decrease, lowering the demand for equine surgery and reproductive services. During this same time frame, Dr. Bettin was beginning to develop a passion for orthopedic surgery. Both of these factors helped drive the practice in a different direction, moving towards a specialization in small animal surgery and medicine.


Recently, our clinic has undergone a major remodel that has allowed us to greatly expand our small animal medicine and surgery capabilities. Portions of our building previously dedicated to equine medicine have now been transformed to fit our needs. Due to these changes, we have had to reduce the range of equine services we offer. We realize this has affected some of our loyal equine customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have created.

Services Provided

-Mare Reproductive Health

-Artificial Insemination

-Dental Care

-General Medicine (Vaccinations, health papers, etc)

-Minor Surgery


Services No Longer Provided

-Stallion Collection

-Colic Treatment 

-Cryptorchid Removal


-Surgery requiring General Anesthesia 

For surgery and lameness services, we highly recommend Dr. Scott McClure at Midwest Equine in Boone, IA.

For treatment of colic cases, we refer to Iowa State University. 

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